Digital Transfers

CAD-COLOR® is our line of digitally printable flex films, and provides the ideal basis for working with digital media in textile finishing.

Our CAD-COLOR® materials will provide your customers with a product that is 100% opaque on dark fabrics, are in full four-colour, and is even  available in a metallic finish! CAD-COLOR® offers you the ability to provide prints for textiles, instead of having to reply on large industrial companies to provide you with products.    


Using STAHLS materials means you can enjoy complete flexibility, able to offer our machines and our materials to your customers in whatever is suitable for their requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are producing large bulk runs, or you are a growing company with the need for a specifc small production runs!        

Our CAD-COLOR® product lines are tested extensively in our own in-house production facilities, ensuring that the very high quality of our products is always maintained. Our on-going development in our own Research & Development centres ensures the implementation of all new technologies and production processes. Our goal is to provide you always with products that are easy to use, and are of the very highest quality.     

In our  Download page you will find amongst other items full instructions on our Products.