CAD-COLOR® Sublistop

Digital printable and plottable white textile printing film, which was developed specifically for sublimated polyester textiles.

Sublistop has a barrier layer, which prevents dye sublimation from damaging your designs. It should be noted that because of the barrier layer, the material will have a limited strech capability. Not like any other product CAD-COLOR® Sublistop employs a layer of sublistop to avoid any sublimation of the polyester colour. A full, four colour digital polyurethane film, it works well on performance wear. Once applied, Sublistop proides a barrier preventing dye migration. It is perfect for athletic and sporting apparel, in particular sublimated soccer shirts.


CAD-COLOR® Sublistop Example

CAD-COLOR® Sublistop Example

CAD-COLOR® Sublistop Example

Available in

  • 50cm x 25m rolls.

Suitable for

  • 100% Polyester
  • Poly/Cotton blends
  • dye sublimated polyester*

*Tests should always be carried out before full production

Accessories needed:

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