2-Step Paper

A-paper is the film on which the motif is printed. The toner adheres perfectly to the specially coated film and does not contaminate the printer.

The B-paper produces an additional opacity, which is necessary for the luminosity of the colours on dark textiles. The opaque coating on the B-paper combines only with the toner on the A-paper.

Thus you can process even very finely detailed designs without problems.

  • For LED laser printers with and without white toner*.
  • Self weeding

*Check for color intensity without white toner.

Your benefits at a glance

Available in

  • DIN A3
  • Suitable for

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester
  • polyester/cotton blended fabric
  • polyester blends
  • Recommended accessories

  • Grip or non-stick coated cover sheet
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    2-Step Paper