Hotronix® Dual AirFusion IQ®

Double the performance

This heat press has two separate base plates which ensure an even more efficient and varied workflow. This innovative concept allows different settings of time, contact pressure and, if desired, temperature per contact surface. Reduce your production time by half with this press. The A and B workstations may be controlled together or separately.

You can save and recall presets conveniently and easily via the touch screen. The Laser Alignment System is included exclusively. It offers a precise alignment of the application on the textile by four individually adjustable lasers. Whether large graphics, numbers or fine details.

The laser system is connected to the workstations of the press and is controlled via touch screen. Multi-stage textile finishing operations are accomplished in a single, effective process. For example, work surface A can be used for pre-treatment while work surface B is used for finishing your product. This new development will improve your workflow by significantly saving time and improving the quality of your prints.

We recommend the use of Hotronix® Dual AirFusion IQ® only in combination with the Panther 100 compressor.

The new Fusion IQ board offers a larger display and improved sensitivity when adjusting the press as well as many new features.

  • Intelligent troubleshooting and self-diagnosis of the press
  • Ability to generate printing and production statistics to check productivity
  • Unlimited number of storable press-on parameters
  • Production counter
  • Automatic on/off function

Your benefits at a glance

Stahls' Warranty

  • 30 years warranty on the heating element
  • 5 years warranty on the frame construction
  • 2 years warranty on the press excluding wearing parts*
  • Specifications

    • 240V, 15 Amp, 3500W
    • 115 cm (L) x 115 cm (W) x 86 cm (H)
    • Net Weight 120 kg
    • Gross Weight 200 kg 


  • F° or C° adjustable
  • Temperature adjustable up to 220C° (430F°)
  • Multiple time settings
  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation possible
  • Heating plate

    • Dual quick-release plate
    • ThreadabilityTM
    • Workplace without direct heat radiation
    • Two plates, each 40cm x 50cm


  • Automatic opening function
  • Automatic pressure through Auto Adjust PressureTM
  • Touch screen control
  • Unlimited input of presets
  • Quality

  • Made in USA
  • Durable and robust
  • Die-cast parts, corrosion-free base and surfaces
  • UL / ULC / CE / RoHS verified
  • Downloads

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