Clam Basic Family

The ideal entry-level press, with a winning price-performance ratio.

Clam Basic Presses come with digital timer and temperature displays, and they are very easy to use. Suitable as a back-up press.       

Available in the following sizes:

  • Small Platen: 28 x 38cm

  • Medium: 38 x 38cm

  • Large: 40 x 50cm

There is also a Clam Basic Cap Press within the Clam Basic family of heat presses.

Clam Basic Press

Clam Basic Press closed


Easy to handle, easy to program and easy to use. This heat press is the obvious choice for new businesses, anyone who needs a travel press or those looking for a back-up heat press. Designed by STAHLS’, the Clam Basic is not only a great value, but offers features normally found with more expensive presses, such as digital time and temperature readout.

Clam Basic Press opened


Specifications Clam Basic Press:

  • 120 Volt, 1800 Watt, 15 Amp
    220 Volt, 1800 Watt, 8 Amp
  • Available Sizes
    3.5″ x 6″ (9 cm x 16cm) (Cap)
    11“ x 15“ (28cm x 38cm)
    15“ x 15“ (38cm x 38cm)
    16“ x 20“ (40cm x 50cm)
  • Shipping Dimensions • Weight:
    11″L x 20″W x 20″H • 70 lbs | 28cm L x 51cm B x 51cm H • 32 kg
    32″L x 20″W x 20″H • 80 lbs | 81cm L x 52cm B x 52cm H • 36 kg
    37″L x 22″W x 22″H • 100 lbs | 94cm L x 56cm B x 56cm H • 45 kg
  • Digital time and temperature controls
  • ¾” thick non-stick coated upper platen
  • Space saving clam shell design for easy layout
  • Easy handling
  • Great back up press

The Clam Basic Cap Press   

With a digital temperature and timer readout, it makes programming the press settings very easy. There is a cap “Hold down” lever which holds the cap securely in position to ensure that heat application is perfect every time.


Clam Basic Cap Press


STAHLS’ Warranty:

  • 2 years on heat press


  • 220 Volt, 500 Watt, 2.5 Amp
  • 120 Volt, 500 Watt, 4.5 Amp
  • Size: 4“ x 8“ (10cm x 20cm)
  • Ship weight:
    26″ L x 15″ W x 21″ H • 50 lbs
  • Digital time and temperature controls
  • Non-stick coated upper platen
  • Space saving clam shell design for easy layout
  • Easy handling
  • Great back up press

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CAD-COLOR SportsFilm_2015

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