CAD-COLOR® Subli Flock

Brilliant colours and a soft surface due to the flock quality.

The specifications of the film

Film Category


Ironing property

iron inside out

Washing temperature

up to 40° C

Contact pressure


Press proof parameters

170° C - 30 sec.

Material thickness

570 microns

CAD-COLOR® Subli Flock is a printable flock film with optimal opacity. The design can be applied directly to the flock and then cut to size, or applied to the sublimation paper and then transferred to the flock. Brilliant colour rendering and great washing stability. After washing, the flock fibres straighten up again so that the feel becomes even softer.

Your benefits at a glance

Available in

  • 50 cm x 25 m rolls
  • Suitable for

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester
  • polyester/cotton-blended fabric
  • polyester blends
  • Recommended accessories

  • STAHLS‘ Weeder® for weeding
  • Grip or non-stick coated cover sheet
  • SE001 165942_INVERTED_GREEN


    CAD-COLOR® Subli Flock

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