Power Platen

Hotronix® Power Platen – The Tool You Need to Eliminate Scorching

Today’s fabrics are trendy, stretchy, synthetic, and heat sensitive. The Power Platen applies heat from below, reducing the heat needed from the upper platen, eliminating scorching on heat-sensitive fabrics. The decrease of the temperature reduces also the risk of dye migration on polyester substrates.
Available in 4 sizes, each controlled by one interchangeable digital controller (sold separately). Compatible with 16″ x 20″ Hotronix® Auto Clam, MAXX® Clam, and Air FUSION heat presses. (with Hotronix Fusion only in Swinger modus usable).


Not only is the Hotronix® Power Platen the first on the market to be fully threadable, it also converts any Hotronix® Clam into a fully threadable model when used with a Heat Press Caddie™.


Protector stays cool to the touch
for operator safetya
Digital controller
41 x 51 cm surface
28 x 38 cm surface
15 x 51 cm surface
15 x 15 cm surface
Compatible with all Hotronix® Heat Presses or MAXX® model clam presses manufactured after 1990
2-year warranty


67 cm x 46 cm x 31 cm • 19 kg

Art-Nr. 163340